Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do I receive as an IBO with Ameriplan®?

We receive many benefits, training and support with in this Company and Team.

*Daily Pay

*Weekly Pay (Flex Program only)

*Monthly Pay

*Residual Income

*Bonus Programs

*Dental, Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic

*Health, Legal Services, Financial Services, Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft (Freedom Pass only)

*Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, Auto Discount Plan (Freedom Pass only)

*Discounts at many top stores from Dell, Office Depot, 1-800-Flowers and many more!

*401k Option (at $1,000+/ month)

*Disability and Dismemberment

*Direct Deposit Option (on second promotion)

*5 Fully Maintained Websites

*Complete Back Office and System

*Email System

*One on One Mentors / Team Mentors

*Training Calls Daily*All access to every Training Website

*All access to our Team Forum Board

*Tax Savings and Advantages

*No quotas or deadlines

First, I'd like to explain the TWO different levels of IBO membership with this company. I do want to mention that your training, and the level of commitment this team offers you for your success, is exactly the same no matter which of the three IBO memberships you have...

Standard / Basic IBO ~ $50 Start Up

*IBOs who are paying $50/monthly for their business.

*Receive the Ameriplan Dental Plus Program.

*Receive websites created and maintained for you by Ameriplan.

*Receive the AccessSaver Program (

*Daily training calls.

*Can have a FAHT website.

*Access 24/7 to our fantastic training website and all of the recorded calls and tools.

*Access 24/7 to our fantastic forum board

*Can participate in a 401K program once you reach $1000/month in residual income.

*Can have direct deposit of your paychecks once you are an SRSD.

*Receive AD&D insurance plan.

*Bonuses for increasing your paycheck!

*Receive great tax savings advantages!

*No quotas nor deadlines on your business.Training and instruction by top leaders in this company (training is the same for all Basic Brokers, Freedom Pass Brokers and Flex Brokers). It does not matter which way you join the team.

*IBOs in some states can opt-out of the Dental Plus program and the websites.

Freedom Pass Flex Bonus IBOs ~ $100 or $149.95 Start up

*Receive everything that the Standard IBO receives.

*Pay $100/monthly for their business.

*Have the Total Health Program from AmeriPlan. This allows us to see primary care doctors, specialists, have ancillary work (lab work, imaging, blood work), and a 24/7 nurse hotline.

*Have the upgraded AccessSaver Plus program (

*Receive the SecureNet Program (

*AmeriPlan Tax & Money Matters (ATM) Club

*With the AccessSaver Plus, the SecureNet, and the Total Health Programs combined into this Premier IBO membership option, you get these great services at such a discounted price!

*Qualify to Earn Weekly & Monthly Bonuses

*Are able to sign up other Freedom Pass Flex IBOs that a Standard IBO can NOT enroll

To Enroll as a Basic IBO... Click Here

To Enroll as a Freedom Pass Flex IBO... Click Here then hit "Join Now"... or you can call me directly at 208-467-1337 anytime!

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