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Simple Steps to Learning about Ameriplan®

Learn EVERYTHING You need to KNOW to decide if Ameriplan® and the Freedom at Home Team are a great fit for you!

1. Listen and Review the Information below...

* Short Overview Call ~ 760-569-1331 (Listen to first)

* Freedom at Home Team

* Basic IBO Information

* Flex Bonus IBO (with Freedom Pass) Information

* Ameriplan® Webinar

To Learn about the Services you will represent go to...

* Health, Dental, Prescription, Chiropractic, Vision Programs

* Legal Services, Identity Theft, Roadside Assistance, Financial Solutions, and Child I.D.

* Dining, Automotive, Shopping, and Recreation Discount Plan

2. Review our Team and my Personal Story go

3. Ask any questions you might have...

Request Your Interview or...Contact me anytime!

Home Office ~ 208-467-1337

Email ~

Yahoo IM ~ sswright1

If you are READY to Enroll go to...

* Basic IBO Enrollment

* Freedom Pass and Flex Bonus IBO Enrollment and click on "Join Now"...or call me directly at 208-467-1337 and I can enroll you over the phone!

What do I receive as an IBO with Ameriplan®?

We receive many benefits, training and support with in this Company and Team.

*Daily Pay

*Weekly Pay (Flex Program only)

*Monthly Pay

*Residual Income

*Bonus Programs

*Dental, Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic

*Health, Legal Services, Financial Services, Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft (Freedom Pass only)

*Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, Auto Discount Plan (Freedom Pass only)

*Discounts at many top stores from Dell, Office Depot, 1-800-Flowers and many more!

*401k Option (at $1,000+/ month)

*Disability and Dismemberment

*Direct Deposit Option (on second promotion)

*5 Fully Maintained Websites

*Complete Back Office and System

*Email System

*One on One Mentors / Team Mentors

*Training Calls Daily*All access to every Training Website

*All access to our Team Forum Board

*Tax Savings and Advantages

*No quotas or deadlines

First, I'd like to explain the TWO different levels of IBO membership with this company. I do want to mention that your training, and the level of commitment this team offers you for your success, is exactly the same no matter which of the three IBO memberships you have...

Standard / Basic IBO ~ $50 Start Up

*IBOs who are paying $50/monthly for their business.

*Receive the Ameriplan Dental Plus Program.

*Receive websites created and maintained for you by Ameriplan.

*Receive the AccessSaver Program (

*Daily training calls.

*Can have a FAHT website.

*Access 24/7 to our fantastic training website and all of the recorded calls and tools.

*Access 24/7 to our fantastic forum board

*Can participate in a 401K program once you reach $1000/month in residual income.

*Can have direct deposit of your paychecks once you are an SRSD.

*Receive AD&D insurance plan.

*Bonuses for increasing your paycheck!

*Receive great tax savings advantages!

*No quotas nor deadlines on your business.Training and instruction by top leaders in this company (training is the same for all Basic Brokers, Freedom Pass Brokers and Flex Brokers). It does not matter which way you join the team.

*IBOs in some states can opt-out of the Dental Plus program and the websites.

Freedom Pass Flex Bonus IBOs ~ $100 or $149.95 Start up

*Receive everything that the Standard IBO receives.

*Pay $100/monthly for their business.

*Have the Total Health Program from AmeriPlan. This allows us to see primary care doctors, specialists, have ancillary work (lab work, imaging, blood work), and a 24/7 nurse hotline.

*Have the upgraded AccessSaver Plus program (

*Receive the SecureNet Program (

*AmeriPlan Tax & Money Matters (ATM) Club

*With the AccessSaver Plus, the SecureNet, and the Total Health Programs combined into this Premier IBO membership option, you get these great services at such a discounted price!

*Qualify to Earn Weekly & Monthly Bonuses

*Are able to sign up other Freedom Pass Flex IBOs that a Standard IBO can NOT enroll

To Enroll as a Basic IBO... Click Here

To Enroll as a Freedom Pass Flex IBO... Click Here then hit "Join Now"... or you can call me directly at 208-467-1337 anytime!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What are the Two Positions Available in Ameriplan®?

We're extremely proud of the opportunities we provide for each individual to succeed.We are here to provide you with a career that other companies can only aspire to. The Freedom at Home Team respects the special talents that each of our members bring to our company. You can choose to work with AmeriPlan® one or two ways and that choice is up to you.We have: Training Specialist and Membership Specialist. Once you work with AmeriPlan, you have two options available and you can choose to work one or both, the choice is up to you!

Option 1: Training Specialist

We are looking for people that will take pride in helping others work for our company. If you have an upbeat personality and like to help people, you will have tremendous success with our company. All you need is your computer and your phone to get started.Every month, millions of people are searching online/offline to find a real, legitimate, work at home business. Now you can help them find that, all while making an amazing income, from the comfort of your home. We will train you, step by step, on how to master this option. You are in the foreground, paving the way for our company to continuously grow and expand. You must be coachable and be willing to have fun speaking with people.There is NO telemarketing or Cold Calling required with our company. The Freedom at Home Team is committed in giving everyone an opportunity to get a great start. We will train you how to build this business as we have a training website that will teach you everything you need to know to get your business up and running, we have our very own private team message board forum as well as daily training calls that you may call into at your convenience. We will provide you (and everyone on your team) 250 free postcard leads every month to help you generate daily checks quickly.We are a team that is dedicated to your success and today is the best time to get started with our team. We have many people from all walks of life on our team. We have stay at home moms, dads, students, grandparents, teachers and entrepreneurs. These people were also looking for work at home, just like you are now. Many of them were frustrated and almost gave up until they found us.

Option 2: Membership Specialist

AmeriPlan® has identified some major concerns among Americans in our country today with regards to a lack of descent healthcare coverage, a spike in identity theft, and a rising cost of living; and we are passionate about providing affordable solutions that will help people save money in all these areas and many more!As a Membership Specialist you can help people save money on their healthcare, legal issues and daily purchases by enrolling them in one of the memberships we offer. This too, is a very rewarding position. Without you, millions of people wouldn't know about the wonderful programs AmeriPlan® offers. AmeriPlan® has saved millions of members hundreds of millions of dollars since 1992. You will be helping others save hundreds and thousands of dollars on the rising cost of healthcare, legal, auto and more. You will make a difference in someone's quality of life.It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people (210 million Americans) have no form of dental or vision plan and 2 out of 10 people (47 million Americans) either can't afford or qualify for health insurance coverage. We all know people with teeth and eyes, people that take prescription drugs, or people that suffer from some form of back pain. Why not help them save a substantial amount of money through one of our memberships and get paid great money for doing it?In our country today identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and has been for years. According to the total number of records containing sensitive personal information involved in security breeches in the U.S. from January 2005 - September 2009 is over 263 Million. Currently 7 out of 10 Americans (210 Million) do not have a Will. There are 5 out of 10 Americans (150 Million) according to national statistics will have a Legal situation this year requiring the advice or assistance of an attorney. A child goes missing every 40 seconds (800k per year) and less than 10% of families have a sample of finger prints and/or DNA. You can now provide a solution by offering a membership that provides a National Child ID kit that is the ONLY (in home) finger printing kit that is approved by the FBI.You can even help families stretch their dollars to the max by offering our membership that allows them to save thousands of dollars each year on the things they use most such as dining out, shopping online and locally, automotive maintenance, and recreational fun!We will train you on how to market these memberships to people at a very affordable price. The people you help save money will be your members. Because our company has such a high retention rate with our members, you keep getting paid month after month, year after year as long as they maintain their membership.The market potential for our memberships is huge. We have been established since 1992 and we have not even penetrated 1% of the market potential in any major city in the United States.

We have 2 different Benefit Packages available to our IBOs that choose to work with AmeriPlan® and we can discuss which option is best for you when we speak.

How do we get Paid?

There are 5 parts to the compensation plan ~ 5 ways that we get paid!We provide Daily, Weekly and Monthly Pay!

* First... AmeriPlan® pays us a commission for every application we submit. We get 20%-30% of each plan or membership that we put on the books.

* Second... The second way we earn an income is even better than the first way. We can build up a residual income for ourselves. Every month AmeriPlan® tallies up all the money that they are bringing in for that month which originated with you (e.g. you did the initial application form). They tally it up and they give you 20%-30%). It doesn't matter if you introduced that member into AmeriPlan® years ago, you continue to earn your money month after month, year after year as long as they are active.

* Third... We get paid on Overrides as we move up in the company. Everytime we acheive a new promotion with in Ameriplan® we get up to a 15% additional override on our downline team's productivity.

* Fourth... The fourth way we earn an income is through weekly bonus options in a binary compensation plan system. This is a separate compensation plan that is an enhancement to our residual pay system.

* Fifth... The fifth way we earn an income is from overrides within the binary system. We earn 20% of our entire organization's cycle checks. We earn these overrides on our team members that are in the binary system up to 5 levels deep.

**You must enroll as a Freedom Pass Membership IBO and Flex Bonus Plan to take advantage of the 4th and 5th income opportunities.

Our Credentials ~ 100 Million Dollar Debt Free Company!


Ameriplan Is...

* A 17 year old 100 million dollar debt free company with a 25 million dollar corporate office in Plano, Tx* The number one National Medical Benefits Company in the United States* In good standing with the US Chamber of Commerce* Members of the National Association of Dental Plans

* Members of the Consumer Health Alliance* Partnered with dozens of fortune 500 companies

*Featured in/on The NewYork Times, Time Magazine, US News and World Report, The Wallstreet Journal and 60 Minutes

* CLICK HERE for Morely Safer's Report on our Company a few years ago. (Our Providers have grown and grown since this report)

Is Ameriplan® Really Difficult?

The following article is an excerpt from a speech given by a direct seller at a local meeting. I was told she was asked to speak on how direct sales / network marketing compares to working a "regular" job.


Lately, I have heard so many people say how difficult direct sales / network marketing is. "Its hard." "I can't get any prospects." "I can't get people to sign up." "This just isn't for me." "I didn't know how difficult it would be."Well, I am a Mom of two beautiful little girls that, before joining the direct sales / network marketing family, NEVER got to see them... Was in debt thousands of dollars, gave all my time to my work not my family, was working just to Survive. Had many months where my power was shut off and my rent was late. I held down a full time job that kept me working 60 hours a week. I made just enough to barely pay my bills and pay my babysitter. At the end of the day I had no money or time left to show for all my hard work! And I was losing out on the most important part of my life, my daughters! I would get up at 5:00 in the morning and not get to bed until at least midnight or later most nights... after returning from my job, spending what little time I had left with my daughters, cleaning the house, doing laundry, running errands, and whatever else had to be done. Leaving nothing left but an ounce of sleep, to get up and do it all over again the next day.That, my friends, is difficult.It is difficult always having to lower your dreams to meet your means. It is difficult to miss your son's football game because you have to work. It is difficult knowing the rust bucket you call a car is eating you alive in maintenance, but you can't afford a new one. It is difficult to realize that someone else is going to watch your daughter take her first step or have your son say mama to the preschool teacher.It is difficult knowing that you have spent 40 years of your life working for someone else, only to realize that you will be retiring on one-third of what you can live on today. Or, worse yet, it is difficult knowing that you have diligently worked all your life, only to be given an early retirement and replaced by someone younger, more capable.I will tell you what is difficult. It is difficult waking up one morning and realizing that your children, the most precious things imaginable, no longer need bottles, diapers, have tea parties, or are shorter than the baseball bat they are trying to swing. It is difficult realizing it is too late and that the time frittered away can never be retrieved. It slips through our fingers one second at a time.It is also difficult watching the spark in your partner's eyes fade because both of you realize the house you have been wanting is just a dream because someone else is controlling your finances.We have nasty habits about rationalizing, procrastination and skirting important things, rather than facing the issues. Too often we allow others who do not pay our bills, who do not share our dreams, to direct our futures.As children we have absolutely no freedom; we rebel in our teens and scream for freedom. We reach adulthood and are finally free, only to relinquish that freedom because we think it is too difficult. We do not want to take responsibility. We do not want to make a wrong decision, so we obligingly give that awesome power to someone else. We wake up too late. We hear ourselves uttering phrases like: "I wish I had only . . ." and "If I could do it over again."You have no one but yourself to blame. You had the chance. Perhaps the opportunity was presented many times and each time you elevated the trivial to a higher priority than yourself.Let me ask you: Is direct sales really difficult?Is it so traumatic to show someone an exciting product or idea? Is it so difficult to understand that if you work this marketing idea for three to five years, you just might finally be able to send your children to a college chosen by excellence, rather than one chosen by price? That you could finally put your family in the home of their dreams?Would you work really hard for eight to ten years, so you could mold a lifestyle of your choosing, so your family could live a lifestyle of their dreams, rather than trying to live how someone else thinks you should live?How difficult is it to pick up the phone and call your prospect? How difficult is it to place ads? How difficult is it, really, to share what you love with others? Think about it. Realize the awesome power you have in your hands with direct sales / network marketing. There are people out there working three jobs. There are people drowning in debt; or agonizing through bankruptcy, realizing they only needed a couple hundred more dollars per month. That is difficult!This business you have chosen or will choose has the ability to change lives. Direct sales / Network Marketing cannot do anything. But YOU can change lives with it. You are the one with the life-changing ability. What are you waiting for?There is difficulty and pain in success, and there is difficulty and pain in failure. Difficulty and pain in success will last a short period of time; but pain in failure lasts a lifetime. Which one is really more difficult?You will pay a price for your actions, and your choices.Which choice will you make?

Welcome and Thank You for visiting to learn more about Ameriplan®!

In this you will find all the information on Ameriplan® and the Freedom at Home Team to decide if it is the right fit for you! There is going to be alot of information to go through to help you make an informed decision. Get a pen and paper and jot down your questions! I have provided many links that will help you review everything!

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